>> Former Swiss Ambassador to the WTO Visits SIFT

November 19, 2012


Ambassador Luzius Wasescha, former permanent representative of Switzerland to the WTO visited SIFT on November 9. Vice President Ye Xingguo met with Ambassador Luzius Wasescha and briefed him on SIFT’s latest development and the operation of the WTO Chair program at SIFT. In VP Ye’s company, Ambassador Luzius Wasescha visited the WTO Repository Center. Counselor Wu Xiankun at the Permanent Mission of China to the WTO, and Xu Dongfeng, Director of the International Affairs Office were present at the meeting.


Ambassador Luzius Wasescha had a discussion with the teachers and students from the WTO School, giving them an introduction to the WTO Doha Round and exchanging with them ideas on the prospect of the WTO negotiations and the role of Switzerland as a neutral state. The discussion was chaired by Prof. Zhanglei, Dean of the WTO School.


Ambassador Luzius Wasescha served in such international organizations as the WTO and OECD. He is acting as a special advisor to the Georgian Russian Customs Agreement, Chairman of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva, and Board Chair of the World Trade Institute (WTI) of the University of Bern.