>> Chongyang Festival Celebrated at Confucius Institute Ljubljana

Organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Ljubljana, a celebration of the Chongyang Festival was held at the Retirement home Trnovo - Center starejših občanov Trnovo Trnovo on the afternoon of October 23. The Chongyang Festival, also known as the Double Ninth Festival is a traditional Chinese festival to honor and pay respect to elders. Chinese ambassador to Slovenia Zhang Xianyi and his wife, Director of the retirement home Blaz Razvornik, Director of the Confucius Institute Ljubljana Danijela Voljc, volunteer teachers from the Confucius Institute, Chinese students, students from the University of Ljubljana, children from the primary school Trnovo and close to 100 elderly people celebrated the festival.

Ambassador Zhang introduced the history of Chongyang Festival and expressed festive greetings to the elderly people, hoping the celebration could bring warmth and happiness to them. He also wished the Chongyang celebration to become a cultural activity that the Confucius Institute Ljubljana can pride itself on.

The retirement home was decorated with a distinctive Chinese style featuring Chinese tea culture, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Peking opera facial masks, Chinese lanterns, and Chinese knots. The program of the celebration included various forms of performance, such as Chinese songs and dancing, martial art, and the playing of such Chinese musical instrument as cucurbit flute, gu zheng and bamboo flute. Bao Jie, a teacher from China introduced in Slovenian the culture of Chongyang Festival. Students studying Chinese at the University of Ljubljana presented the Chinese tea ceremony. Children from the primary school Trnovo sung the Chinese songs they had newly learnt. The staff and elderly people at the retirement home played the harmonica and performed traditional Slovenian songs and dancing.