>> Key Project Held By Professor YE Xingguo Approved By Experts

On November 3rd,the "English-Chinese Dictionary of WTO Terms" of Shanghai Education Commission held compiled by Professor YE Xingguo of our institute, a major humanity and social science planning project under Shanghai Education Commission, has been concluded with expert appraisal.


At the panel meeting headed by Professor Lu Siyuan, the president of Shanghai International Studies Association, well-known experts from key colleges elite institutions such as Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University reviewed the dictionary and approved of conclusion of the project. The panel was led by Professor Lu Siyuan, who is the president of Shanghai International Studies Association.


The experts paid high compliments on the final achievement of thought highly of this project, considering it scientific, professional, authoritative and systemic. The dictionary, whose content is thorough and has moderate redundancy comprehensive but not redundant, has preliminarily build up a standard reference system of WTO terms translation. The experts highly recognized the academic and applied value of this achievement, and believed it of great theoretical and practical significance in its own field.